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Our hopes for 2015 were for at least a decent year after the lows and highs of 2013 and 2014. In March/April/May barn owls were being found in their boxes but there was very little sign of breeding activity. Even by August numbers were down 30-40% on last year with brood sizes struggling around 2 chicks per brood and a larger number of failed broods than normal.

This decline is not restricted to Cheshire and it seems that of the 9000 pairs of barn owls only 3500 - 4000 will successfully breed this year.


Breeding Pairs Graph

Please report sightings

All sightings are very important to our on-going recording of barn owl activity, so if you see or hear a barn owl please Send a sighting report to let us know

Barn Owls Groups of Cheshire:

There are county & national Biodiversity Action Plans in relation to the conservation of barn owls and the barn owl groups are the ground workers for these plans. So whilst the groups cover relatively small areas their combined efforts are of national importance. There are barn owl groups in South Cheshire, Broxton (effectively West Cheshire), Wirral & Ellesmere Port, North Cheshire, North east Cheshire, east Cheshire and ourselves in Mid Cheshire (see Links).

Abandoned/Injured Barn Owls:Click this image for a video clip

Owlets that are found seemingly abandoned should be observed from a distance whilst expert advice is sought such as from Lower Moss Wood Educational Reserve & Wildlife Hospital or the RSPB. Young owls often fall from the nest and later climb back of their own accord. Barn owls which are found injured, should be placed in a dark box and kept in a warm place until veterinary advice can be sought. (Lower Moss Wood Educational Reserve & Wildlife Hospital can be contacted on 01565 755082).

Nest Boxes Plans:
Click here for nest box plans.
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